Here you find some inhabitans of Ancyria by first contact (E 9'385.3.28).

Mal'jià Ek'yan

by Yhoko

Nazra Taya
Blossom name:Irid'ima
Age:45 summer in Ancyria
Family:mother, father, younger sister
Appearance:deep red eyes, light blue hair with fringes
Activities:Ambassador, archery (hobby), swimming (relaxation)
Skills:good language skills
Personality:curious, careful, good-natured
Description:Growing up as daughter of an engineer and an architect, Mal'jià quickly found access to the natural sciences. Already at a young age, her father took her to the archery, which became a long-term hobby of her. She has inherited her curiosity from her mother. She loves fruits and enjoys the quiet nature.

Mal'jià jung und fröhlich


by Sirea

Blossom name:Sat'ila
Age:21 summer in Ancyria
Family:mother, father, younger sister
Appearance: dark red eyes, straight, long pink hair
Clothing:light, sweet
Activities:picking berries, care for her little Phylii, weave braids in her sisters hair
Personality:lovingly, sensitive, helpful



by Dantinus

Blossom name:?
Age:25 simmer in Ancyria
Family:mother, father (†), younger sister
Appearance:red-orange eyes, straight, long, brown hair
Clothing:long purple "dress"
Activities:cooking, collecting
Skills:light-footed, nimble
Personality:nice, helpful, naive, curious
Description:Lu'ji'ra spent most time of her childhood at home. After the death of her father, she decided to help her mother in the household and to look after her younger sister. Thanks to her light-footedness it's not difficult for her to penetrate narrow, angular or uneven areas and so i.a. to reach ingredients which are difficult to access.


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