The Nazra are a fantasy race in the universe of [User] Yhoko.


The whole project originally started with Mal'jià, a female Nazra, which emerged from my mind about 1996. I designed her for a chat RPG in order to play something else than a human. From the beginning, Mal'jià created a calm, harmonious atmosphere, then even at that time, Nazra were very sensual and civilized beings.

Nazra Taya
About three years later, I had the ambition to develop an online RPG called The Circle together with Jeromy. Thereby the Nazra should be given its great performance in the background story, and so I began to work out the rudimentary description of the race for the first time. Especially the language, the Nazra'yo, was blossoming strongly during my education. Until then, there was a short list of the most important words. The very first writings emerged on my notepads, only to be reworked or refined soon after. Culture, society and simple customs of the Nazra as well as the first picture of a Nazra (of course Mal'jià) also came into existence at that time.

Towards the end of my eduction, The Circle had to give way to other projects, so the Nazra temporarily disappeared. The following years, they sometimes fell into oblivion, then the language or the race were worked out intensifly again. Their story became more extensive and after Ancyria, they became space arks to explore the space and to find a new homeland. They received numerous guest performances in my games and formed the basis of many of my projects.

Now, after almost 20 years after their creation, the real world has changed too. Web designers are finally able to integrate their own fonts into their web pages and Wikis are ideal for organizing informations and making it accessible to general public. And so the Nazrapedia was created – now even multilingual.

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