The technology of the Nazra is mainly based on crystal energy which is also called fine electricity. Since crystal energy doesn't need any medium (such as wires) for transmission it can be risky and difficult to use. It can easily glide through the air with no significant loss and be stored in crystals for a large period of time.

Light knife

The light knife works like any other knife by splitting material into two halves – however on the subatomic level. Therefore with a light knife it's possible to cut literally any object without noticable resistance, which makes this instrument extremely dangerous. Light knifes work with fine electricity and must be recharged occasionally. Amongst nazranian craftsmen, stationary models are also common, which offer a thin separating beam instead of a blade, through which the material is drawn slowly. In the hands of other species light knifes can become dangerous weapons, because armors as well as enemy weapons or the opponent himself can be cut through easily.

Freight traffic

For the transport of goods, the Nazra typically use hovering platforms of different sizes. For smaller goods also box-like containers are available, in which a hovering floor plate was worked in. The height above the ground ca be adjusted freely and since they're hovering, the goods can be moved without much effort – only the inertia must be overcome.

In case of larger quantities of goods, several hovering containers are often hanged together and maneuvered by two or more Nazra like a freight train. A force compensation within the hover mechanism ensures that the movement is only in the thrust direction to counteract crosswinds. In exceptional situations, they can be shut down and anchored in the ground, which means that no movement is possible at all.

These transportations of goods are usually done by foot, since the distances within nazran cities are never too big – a walk of 30 minutes is always enough to cross. Frequently representatives are sent to pick up or deliver the desired goods. In case of particularly heavy deliveries often small groups of mostly younger Nazra are seen, who care for a single platform.

Distant delivery

Teleport platform
Deliveries between distant cities are realized by teleport platforms. Such stations can be found in every nazranian city. Often they are used to make small journeys, personal deliveries, spending the day in a foreign environment or staying there overnight as a visitor.


Although it's rather culture than technology the Ya also resembles a technological importance. Its ornaments are able to store a certain amount of fine electricity. This allows Nazra to use the power at a later point or far from any power source, whenever necessary.
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