Erde und Ancyria
Insight into the earth
The inner world Ancyria is a hollow world in the center of the earth.

Ancyria was conceived as a natural habitat for the Nazra and was designed accordingly by the Zra. Its diameter is approximately 8,000 km and its volume is about a quarter of the total volume of the earth. The atmosphere consists of 68% nitrogen, 22% oxygen and 10% noble gases and steam. Gravitation and air pressure correspond to those of the outside world.


The Earth is the 3rd planet of an insignificant solar system in the external spiral arm of the galaxy. Because of its rich oxygen atmosphere, it shimmers bluish from great distance and therefore it's also known as the blue planet. Its surface is called outer world, it covers around 510 mio. km2. A day (self-rotation) on Earth takes 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds, one year (once around the sun) 365.25 days. An additional switching day is introduced every 4 years to equalize the surplus quarter.


Erde Terraforming
Terraforming of the Earth
Originally, the earth was a desolate planet inhabited only by dinosaurs. But about 65 mio. years ago the Zra made it habitable by terraforming. This was probably just a side effect because the primary target was the creation of a large hollow sphere inside the planet. The extinction of around 50% of all species on the outside supports this hypothesis. The exact process of terraforming can only be speculated; however it's clear that the entire liquid metal core was pressed into the outer shell to create the desired hollow sphere. It's widely believed that the emerged energy from this process was used to build the artificial sun of Ancyria.


Klimadiagramm Ancyria
Climatogram Ancyria
Ancyria's is called Otan'iio which roughly means "big light". In fact, it's a shining plasma ball located in the center of the earth. As an inexhaustible source of light and energy, it is probably the most important element of the inner world, since it's necessary for long-term life. It causes a day and night cycle which is synchronized with the outside world, as well as the four seasons.

At night, the sun can be seen as a dark red disc in the sky while moon and stars don't exist in Ancyria. However, there's an atmospheric glitter, which reminds of a moving starry sky.

Flora and Fauna

The flora and fauna of Ancyria is just as multifaceted as those at the outside world. Due to the different composition of the atmosphere, however, biology has developed differently. So you can find impressive mammoth trees almost everywhere in Ancyria and animals like Sprooties are widespread pets.


  • In Ancyria the ground slopes upwards in all directions towards the horizon.
  • The sunlight in Ancyria is almost perpendicular at all times. Climate differences result from geographic and atmospheric conditions.
  • There's no starry sky in Ancyria but only an atmospheric glitter at about 2'000 m height.
  • The places under the north and south poles of the earthes aren't covered with ice in Ancyria.
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