Exorbitus 2017-07-05

Exorbitus refers to the entire period before Ancyria and the Nazra.

The Zra

Millions of years ago, a powerful race lived in a planetary system, which was baptized En'uar by themselves. Against that, the beings called themselves Zra and possessed incredible abilities, which we didn''t even dare to dream. Only with thoughts they were able to influence, deform, dissolve or even create material. It was a glorious civilization with billions, no, trillions of inhabitants, which extended over all six planets of En'uar. From the glowing Se'ysa, to the moderate Ni'r up to the subcooled Yes'rey, they were all inhabited due to the fact, that the Zra could adapt and maintain the atmosphere according to their wishes. With their incredible power, it would've been possible for an individual of them to make an entire world simply disappear in nothingness. But only the oldest sages are said to have had such forces, whose secret had been passed down from generation to generation.

And it was precisely the tremendous power each individual possessed, which one day brought the entire empire to collapse. Zi'beht en Ri'ras was his name, an important name nobody should ever forget. A name which caused much fear and fright. His story began, where the story of the Zra ended, where also his life ended and the downfall began. He was mentally sick and powerful as well, had whimsical plans and knew, how to convince others. One day he managed to communicate his confused message telepathically to alle Zra who lived on Ay'lo, and it lasted not long before the whole planet was in the civil war. The high council of planets was powerless of the situatio, because never before the people had raised their voice against it. There was never any doubt about the decisions and orders of the superiors, and never before had the sense and nonsense of an instruction been debated. Last but not least, the mood spread to all other planets, and the former empire was plunged into chaos. A chaos with no escape.

Gloomy eternity

Much time had passed. Time, in which the situation didn't calm down again. Incessantly, individual groups gained force and reigned the people, only to be overthrown by the next organisation shortly thereafter. A game for eternity, the elders were absolutely aware of. Once the system was out of balance, there was no turning back. No way was able to stop the crisis. No one, except a complete new beginning.
This last and only hope was the greatest imaginable risk for the Zra, thus they wanted to delay it as long as it was possible. But the situation became more and more hopeless, for the greater the pain and agony, the greater the hatred, which in turn produced the first. Finally, the grave decision was made to destroy the entire existence of Zra.

On the 6380th anniversary of the third century in the 28th period, just 117 years after the fall of the empire, the descendants of the high council united their powers and used all their force to execute the most powerful of all rituals: the self-destruction. It couldn't happen earlier, because the time had to be precisely chosen, otherwise, the cosmic equilibrium would get out of balance too. Fortunately, the knowledge of this special event had long been forgotten, so that no one could prepare for the moment, except the descendants of the councilors.

In due course , the six were in the sacred halls, which had been abandoned for a long time. Surrounded by modern buildings and technology for pure self-purpose, the temples were a place of the past. Then, just a few moments later, a bright light appeared, which grew quickly brighter and devoured its surrounding bit by bit like a powerful avalanche. A tidal wave of panic spread, many used their power without thinking and destroyed their roommates, houses and whole landscapes, but all this should soon no longer be important. Just as the first realized it, it was already over, and the six planets, Se'ysa, Na-na'kis, Na-len's, Ni'r, Ay'lo and Yes'rey, were disappeared in nothingness. And the Zra?


(Retrospect) Towards the end of the 971st anniversary of the second era of the 28th period, the Zra were threatened in their existence for the first time without a natural catastrophe. It was recognized that, in principle, every Zra had the genetic possibility of a malformation and that one day exactly this possibility would be chosen by fate. The result of this was so frightened that the council gave the cognisance and all its connections the highest security level, while they secretly were looking for a solution.

The solution was oppressive, but functioning, which spread a more than needed spark of hope. The solution was to genetically alter, restrict, adapt and control the own race, so that it was able to exist in future and for all eternity. The advantage was that the project could be carried out secretly, without space for suspicion or the need for a threatening disaster. So the stem cells of Zra were taken and their genetic material changed. In order to preserve the equilibrium of their existence, they primarily restricted the divine force they carried within themselves. They called their creation Nazra, the "successors", and created them as restricted, but in itselfs perfect beings, which should carry on the seeds of existence for them.

With these new prerequisites, the Zra sent a spaceship far away from the previous home, in order to choose a planet, where new life can be created. Many ages it was on the journey, was exposed to immense dangers, was attacked by unknown beings, had to resist natural phenomena and thus make its way through the infinite emptiness of the universe. But ultimately it fulfilled its task and found a suitable planet, which today is known under the name "earth".

It must have lasted several centuries until the tireless machines of the spaceship, about 65 million years ago, made the earth by terraforming to what we know today. A living world with flora and fauna, intelligent beings and the enormous internal hollow world "Ancyria", where finally the Nazra were exposed.
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