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Magic are usually called effects and abilities, which are not or not completely explainable. Therefore it depends on the viewer, whether a gently floating object is referred to as magic or ordinary physics. However, there's a delimitation to illusionistic magic; which only creates the impression of magic with tricks such as distractions and optical illusions.

First encounter

Over time, magic has appeared in various shapes and found different followers. Originally, it was brought to the earth by the Nazra, since from their point of view magic is nothing extraordinary - they own the ability to influence matter and radiation intentionally since birth. A famous example is the light meter, which works without blade and cuts through each material cleanly. As a result of the first contact with humans (and thanks to the generosity of the Nazra), these knives soon spread in the whole outer world, where, however, they were called magic weapons and appropriately abused.


YaWith the construction of the six arks, the Nazra created a new form of magic: the syntax. Up to this point, a focus crystal was needed to channel energy and to summon magic effects "in the wild". Nazra did this with the help of their Ya. Against that, the arks had a sort of board computer that received commands in a particular language, the syntax, and these executed independently. Thus they still needed focus crystals, but not to use magic, but merely to transfer their commands to the computer. These commands have been further refined and supplemented by pre-programmed sequences and soon, more complex affects were possible than by hand.

In the course of time, the people on board of the Ark learned to deal with focus crystals and to use the syntax as well. Those who mastered the language were called Effector or Effectra, and the process itself was called compile. At first, it was an enrichment for all, but time came when the magic was used mainly for warlike purposes. More and more powerful spells, counter-spells and magic traps finally led to a threatening overload of the energy systems of the Ark. By this time, the Nazra had already left the ship, but returned again to solve the magic problem sustainably.

Partition of magic

The consequence of the overuse was shown in a protective device, which regulated the use of magic and simultaneously limited it to some prefabricated effects. Thus different systems like the arcane or divine magic emerged, which however, no longer required a focus crystal for use. To be precise, any focus magic within the Ark was completely prevented. In the course of time however, some people succeeded in using focus crystals again, thus they were able to strengthen their spells. Since it were only a few people, it didn't really matter.

Magical Phenomena

The use of magic within the Ark has produced two special phenomena: As'shari and Xendrits.
  • As'shari are shadowy creatures, which arise from the concentrated imagination of large human gatherings. Their goal is to take on a firm shape. By defeating each other and gaining more and more strength. As'shari are intelligent and often seductive with their magic power.
  • Xendrits are magical ulcers that want to confine the use and, in particular, the waste of magic. They appear wherever a lot of magic is used, spread in all directions and devour living matter in the process as well. They were built by the board computer of the Ark for self-defense, and later there was no way to wipe them out.
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