Offspring 2017-06-28

Because of the age overlap in the nazran society, it's customary for the grandparents to be strongly involved in the upbringing of their grandchildren. However, the nazran culture is generally very child-friendly and not only the kinship is in charge of the education of the offspring. Frequently, people from the neighborhood as well as important contact persons such as teachers, salesmen or toy manufacturers participate in the education. At latest by reaching the age of 12 every Nazra gets a personal Ya, which can roughly be called a transition to adulthood.

Light colors

Nazran children love colors. Frequently colorful blobs, balls, cubes and other shapes can be seen floating in the air, hanging on ceilings or covering sidewalks, where they either work for themselves or create artistic paintings. Even the lively Sprooties are often popular targets for too creative children, who want to bring some movement into their works. Why these games don't lead to serious consequences are due to the fact, that no physical color is used - it's only painted with different types of light, which can be removed just as quickly and extensively as they're applied.


Already in early years, Nazra feel the need to learn everything about their environment. Although they've a good sense for their homeland through the mind network (everyone knows almost from birth, where the central administration is located), many alleys and secret corners are to be explored old-fashioned. Thus it's not unusual for the children to scan the whole city in small groups, to creep through pipes and to look at gloomy corners – and to appoint one of these places to their secret meeting place.

Especially for the 8 to 12-year-olds, treasure hunts with arrows or symbols hidden by light colors, are popular, whose track can be followed up to a treasure. Occasionally, however, there are also adults who continue the game at a higher level – with mind sport tasks, solution words, sense of touch mechanisms and other riddles.
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