need hunger


Your stomach growls! At first it's only a feeling but ignoring it for too long will drain life energy. Keeping your stomach empty will furthermore make you lose weight.
  • reduced life energy
  • losing weight
need thirst


Your throat is parched! Thirst will decrease your stamina and eventually drain your life. Fast. So better keep one extra water hose in reserve.
  • reduced stamina
  • damage by dehydration
need sleep


Your eyelids are heavy and the light fades! Fatigue can be sold short by caffeine, but in the long run it lowers the concentration.
  • reduced concentration
  • increased light sensitivity
need fear


They're everywhere! Fear is a natural warning signal in dangerous and spooky situations, like in a dark cave or in a graveyard at midnight. The adrenaline will raise your stamina by the cost of concentration.
  • increased stamina
  • reduced concentration
need people


So lonely... The need for community grows slowly, but weeks and months of lonelyness are tugging on your soul. Your body then tries to fill the gap by raising the other needs (with no luck).
  • other needs grow faster
  • may drive you insane
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