dev textbox

The textbox supports advanced text rendering through simple tags similar to HTML.
  • Some effects work on single letters. Split them by inserting <//> or use the <splitter> tag.
  • Each input line (seperated by \n) represents a screen. This behaviour is forced by the GUI engine.
  • To break lines manually (within a screen) use the <br> tag. This creates a new block.

Block alignment

Note that vertical alignment only affects texts with multiple line-heights within the same block.
horizontal <left> <center> <right>
vertical <top> <middle> <baseline> <bottom>

Unclosed tags

<//> Split at this position, for letter-based effects like <slow>.
<br> Line break at this position. The box is expanded as necessary.
<tab> Jump to next tab position defined by .tabstep
<flex> Empty space is distributed evenly between all <flex> tags.
<lf> Advance one line keeping the cursor position (line feed).
(...) slowly appearing three dots; <delay 25>...</delay>

Text formatting

<b> bold
<i> italic
<u> underline
<#F00> colorize as 3-digits hex, closed by </#>
<font NAME> use specified font name
<yot> use Nazra'yot font and scale defined by .yotScale
<effect NAME> appear, breathe, wave, shiver, flip, rotate, ghostly
<size FACTOR> use specified font size (in relation to default font size)
<lh FACTOR> use specified line height (in relation to current font size)
<delay FACTOR> wait specified time before display (in relation to default delay)
<sound NAME PITCH> use specified sound name, pitch or both
<splitter> insert <//> between each character
<fast> <delay 0.2>
<slow> <delay 8>
<slower> <delay 12>

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