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The history of the Nazra begins with its emigration to Ancyria and ends with the colonization of new worlds after they leave the earth. The events in between are strongly influenced by the people, which one day penetrate to Ancyria and still are present on the spaceships. This leads to three incisive events, in which the story is split.

Epoch overview

Before the existence of the Nazra. The Zra reign over time and space.
First Time
Ancyria, before the initial contact. The Nazra unfold their culture and spread in the inner world; Cities are being built.
Early History
Prehistory (New Earth Time), first language and writing are being built, pyramids, bronze swords.
Second Time
Ancyria, after the first contact. People and Nazra meet, form friendship, exchange knowledge and experience.
Feudal lordship, faith wars, poets, slaves, baths.
The Nazra search for a new home with six arks. A handful of people can accompany them.
Spirits are created and arenas are built.
Modern Times
Industry, globalization, nuclear power, computer, internet.
Humans on the Ark without Nazra.
Third Time
Life on Nazra\'ni, the new homeworld of the Nazra.
Lifte after the doom resp. fall.
Techno Chronicle
Space research, genetic engineering, cyberspace, hyperspace.

1. Exorbitus

The Exorbitus is the prehistory of the earth and the Nazra.

2. First Time

The First Time begins with the emergence of Ancyria and expands to the initial contact with the humans of the outer world. In essence, it contains the formation of the nazran culture and its development as a race. After the colonization of the Nazra on Ancyria, their time of exploring and discovering begins. They spread in the habitable areas of Ancyria for many generations, while their culture and society evolve.

3. Second Time

The Second Time is a short but very lively epoch, during which the relationship between humans and Nazra is deepening and finally collapsing. It begins with the initial contact; the day, when the first people from the outer world are coming to Ancyria and pushing the Nazra. The name Homo lumini (lat. luminous or illuminated humanoids) is essentially characterized by the fact that the first meeting takes place at night and the Nazra as usual rise their luminous Yame. This day marks the second time in which humans and Nazra live together on Earth.

The time had to come when a connection was created between inner and outer earth, between Nazra and humans, and so the worlds intermixed. And barely one of them was ever seen again – no one knew why, but they had remained voluntary because the Nazra were friendly and generous hosts.

But it was not long before the first people returned and reported their amazing experiences. More and more researchers, traders and curious travelers dared to go to Ancyria, and more and more came back home with strange devices. Devices, which were usual for the Nazra. Thus usual, they were willingly left to visitors. But while one half enjoyed the gifts, the other found ways to use the strange tools as overpowering weapons. This not only led to a sudden change of the war zones, where the new weapons were deployed with tremendous force, but also to a storm on the few accesses to Ancyria, which soon became one of the battle areas.

But the Nazra were no stupid and quickly recognized the true intentions of humans, whom they faced very open-hearted. Injured in their trust, they closed the entrances to the outer world. In this way, they not only blocked the greedy visitors from outside, but also all the people present in Ancyria. But this shouldn't be a permanent solution. Soon, new tunnels were created from outside, and some of the people in Ancyria rebelled against the sudden "captivity". Consequently chaos occured on both sides.

4.1 Arkorium

The Arkorium describes the history of the Ark, while it's inhabited by the Nazra. This is the history of the people on the Ark and the problems that arise.

For a time, people live peacefully on the Ark, while the distant earth is dominated by cruel wars. They get offspring, learn from the Nazra, support them, develop and enjoy their new life. A new religion arises with the Nazra as deities and with human priests, who watch over the people and proclaim the teachings of Nazra. Additionally the priests are trained by the Nazra as "technicians" who help them with repairs at the Ark, and researching new technologies with them.

But with generations, their respect for the Nazra decreases, while the number of their mistakes grows and they're finally falling back into typically human behavior. The at first charitable priests are soon greedy monsters who exploit and suppress the people to enrich themselves. It doesn't take long until a huge uprising ends the priesthood and condemns them to death. The Nazra are no longer regarded as gods, but driven to the south, where they move to a distant island and barricade themselves. The people celebrate this "victory" and begin to explore, take over and use the new conquered world. For long time the fact is forgotten, that they're on an ark which aimlessly glides through the space.

4.2 Spiritera

The Spiritera describes the time of the great spirit fights. Some time after the Nazra left Ancyria, the abandoned technology is examined by humans and used for its own purposes. In doing so, a misfortune occurs and everywhere in the world random objects, the sigms, manifest. Some of the sigms combine in nature to creatures, which in general are divided into Spirits and Antroxi. While the Spirits become companions and protectors of humans, the Antroxi remain evil creatures which only act by instinct. Spirits - the estimation of humans

It was the time of great upheaval – Volcanoes fired from the ground, hurricanes swept over the land, water flooded the fields, and earthquakes let collapse any building. And who was able to survive the spectacle of nature, soon had to face hungry monsters, some wrapped with thorns and tanks, others made of pure fire, throwing lightnings or gnashing horrible teeth. But not all beings were filled with diabolic wickedness, some of them even joined people's fight against Antroxids, protected them, while demanding only life at their side. These were called spirits and only with their help, the world could blossom again, the evil be pushed back, and the dark forms expelled.

At time of rest, the philosophers asked themselves the question of the origin of life. human beings, spirits and antroxids. Even the alchemists couldn't resist curiosity. Were they gifts of the gods, of higher beings or was the whole life only the endless dream of someone else? No one could say this until at least the sigms were discovered.

The researchers realized that there was a sigma in every antroxid or spirit or even several consecutive. As they knew about the sigms, the tedious search for these rare objects began, because their diversity was as great as the imagination of humans. With their eagerness, however, they gathered more and more, from lunar splitter to summer pearl, from silver fruit to color flowers and from water keel to fluttering scripture. After all, they knew and could soon predict what would happen when two spirits were paired together. From that day, the spirits could reproduce again and only in free wilderness antroxides arose.

5.1 Syntaxera

As the Ark continues its path through the universe, the people on the Ark are slowly evolving. They find Nazra artifacts and soon possibilities to interact with the computer of the Ark. This is comparable to magic and is called the action of syntax. The discovery is so significant that enthusiasts soon proclaim the first "jades" (year of syntax). After only 30 years (or Jades), there's a functioning system of magic guilds and the Green Council, which oversees the use of syntax as control organ. However, all this is crumbling when a boy is born who's able to conjure up without focus crystals.

About two hundred years later life on the Ark has changed a lot: In addition to humans, many other races such as elves, dwarfs and orcs populate the artificial world and they all use the syntax to achieve their goals. But the energy system isn't designed for such use, thus several natural catastrophes occur in which countless lives end. Wars are created and a wave of chaos spreads over the world, until land masses are torn apart in a mighty act of destruction - the Ark gets a new face.

Woken up by that, some Nazra appear in order to change the system of the Ark. From now on, the syntax can no longer be worked directly, but only through a complicated system of magic (from naz. Mag\'ic for "Might")

Fortan kann die Syntax nicht mehr direkt gewirkt werden, sondern nur noch über ein kompliziertes System der Magie (von naz. Mag\'ye für "Macht"), which takes appropriate safety precautions for the Ark. It takes another nearly eighty years, in which society slowly stabilizes again - a time, which enters into history as Eternal War and makes its name all honor. Finally, the first year of order (1 AP) is ushered and a new era of peace begins.

5.2 Third Time

The Third Time begins with the reachment of the Ark on the new homeworld Nazra \ 'ni after around 2 \' 200 years travel time. The people on the Ark, however, doesn't know, that the Nazra will leave the ship, thus they'll continue the journey to find a new homeworld for themselfs as well. The events during this journey are treated by the Syntaxera.

5.3 Endyra

The destruction on Earth continues, until chaos erupts and everything falls down. Eternal winter buries everything under ice. But a generational ship is being built and sent out into space to allow mankind a new beginning. When finally a suitable planet named Zenmar is found, the landing failed due to unknown interferences. What remains are huge ruins and a few lost souls fighting for survival. Ultimately, fate has enabled them the promised new beginning.
The events in this epoch finally lead to the spread of mankind in Yandra-sector and the entire Yaecronology.
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